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Tell The Truth

Tell the Truth is an interfaith gathering on Wednesdays at noon across from the downtown police station to pray for racial justice in policing. Please join us to learn and advocate. Saint Andrew's prays for the rapid recovery of the Catholic Workers, who are currently quarantined with Covid19. 
                                                                           (Sometimes there are even dogs to pet!)


On the 2-year anniversary of the George Floyd related protests in DSM, DMPD officers filed a civil suit against 6 Des Moines Black Liberation Movement protestors, based on false allegations of assault stemming from the protests in summer 2020. Tell The Truth has been outside of DMPD for over 2 yearsdemanding the police department hold their own accountable. This lawsuit, as well as the charges previously filed on protestors including members of clergy, are a gross overreach of DMPD's power and influence of the people of color in this community. We uphold those being persecuted by these detectives, and pray that justice and truth will come to light.
Black Lives Matter. 

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