Worship Services


At 10:00 a.m., we worship in English. On most Sundays we celebrate the Eucharist, with Bible readings, prayers, and music following the Episcopal calendar and drawing on various traditional and contemporary resources. Children are an important part of our worshiping community and often help with leadership. Occasionally we worship with Morning Prayer, led by a member of the congregation, or with a creative worship service geared toward families and children. Worship follows a predictable format and printed bulletins are provided. You are welcome to wear whatever feels right to you--some folks will be in jackets and ties and some will be in jeans. Whatever you wear, we're just happy you're here!




Trinity Cush Episcopal Church meets  Sunday after noon in the sanctuary. They pray in the Dinka language using the Prayer Book in the Dinka Bor dialect, with Bible readings following the Episcopal calendar and with traditional Dinka music.

St. Andrew's Worship Bulletin

The Worship Bulletin is posted here on Thursdays for the following Sunday. The button will open it in your viewer. You should be able to print from there if you desire.

Recent Services and Meetings

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