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Simply Essentials

Simply Essentials Mar 2021-2.HEIC


Simply Essentials has been an outreach program for one year at St. Andrew’s… what is it???!! It supplies essential items (usually 5-6 items in a bag) to our immediate church neighborhood. There is a team of 12 members that brainstorm items to be purchased each month… we then get together at 9 am on the last Thursday of each month to fill the bags and deliver them… we have a budget of $5.00 per bag… after shopping… we turn in our receipts to the church to be reimbursed… each of our 88 bags contains the same items. We currently  deliver to the apartments across the street from the church as well as those right beside us… 2 duplexes… and support some Congolese families and a few in our Darfur Community.


If you have questions please call Virginia Bryant at 515-491-6871😊

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