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We are Saint Andrew's. You are welcome here!

We are Saint Andrew's. You are welcome here!

Convinced of God's love for everyone, and following Jesus' example of welcoming all, we at St. Andrew's welcome everyone to the table to participate in communion. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, and whoever you love, God loves you and you are invited to share in communion with us.

  • Wine is offered at communion. People may choose between the traditional common cup (which is wiped and turned after each use); intinction (dipping the bread) in a small dish; or receive only the bread. Individuals at a higher risk of Covid infection are discouraged from using the common cup.

  • Masks are optional. Please maintain social distancing as appropriate.


Lizzie Gillman, Priest (she/her)

Eric Rucker, Priest (he/him/his)

Eve Mahr, Deacon


Three Communities Picnic

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St. Andrew's Pride Online Store

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The Margaret Emily Yoder Weiner Educational Ministry Fund

has been established to provide financial assistance for members studying for the Priesthood or Diaconate and for clergy/ lay leaders to attend ministerial trainings, seminars, conferences, youth retreats. Click here for the Weiner Fund Application

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